Our mission is to make and serve the most nutritious and delicious fresh soups and stews in Dublin and everyday to invoke a latter day alchemy to transform the best natural ingredients into an international range of healthy and exciting meals. We would also like to provide an exciting alternative to the traditional lunchtime sandwich to an ever increasing lunchtime market and an increasingly health conscious population.


In the mid 1980’s Al’s Soup Kitchen opened for business in mid- town Manhattan, selling delicious soups to evergrowing queues of office workers. Soon soup outlets started springing up everywhere. We felt there was definitely a need for this product in this mode in Dublin. On July 6, 2000, the hottest day of the year, Soup Dragon Capel Street opened for business.


Since then we've expanded our range and now offer breakfasts, gluten free and vegan options, salads, sandwichs, wraps and lunchtime specials. We've always stayed true to our beliefs and continue to make all our products inhouse on a daily basis from the freshest of ingredients, preservative and additive free.